quality & enviromental policy statement

Perfum Packaging is a company specialized in printing and packaging of cosmetic products, with a mission to satisfy its clients’ needs and expectations as well as preserve our environment.

To carry this out, Perfum Packaging has established an Integrated Management System, which incorporates compliance with UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004 norms.

Through this integrated management system, based on the work and effort of all the staff at Perfum Packaging, adequate processes are implemented to achieve continuous improvement in quality and environmental issues. Objectives and targets are planned and supervised to verify their fulfilment. We strive to reduce our environmental impacts in all the areas that may be affected by our activities, including suppliers and users, and to prevent pollution though compliance with legal and other requirements.

Our quality and environmental policy is based upon this, and thus are the following principles established:

• fulfilment of contractual requisites
• continuous improvement of processes, procedures and services
• effective assignment of functions and responsibility
• training and competence of personnel
• fulfilment of legal requirements

All of which is perceived by the client in this way:

• fast and effective customer service
• quality of products and services offered
• environmentally conscious company

The top management of Perfum Packaging is fully committed and also requests staff commitment to develop, improve and apply the quality and environmental criteria defined in the documents in our Integrated Management System. 

This quality and environmental policy will be made available to any interested party having a legitimate interest.

Logroño, February 2009

The Manager of Perfum