Perfum Packaging - Formatos



Formatos - Sachet


Sachets are suitable for any cosmetic product: cream, gel or liquid.

The minimum size for sachets is 50 x 70 mm and the biggest size is 93,33 x 130 mm, depending on the material.

Formatos - Toallita

sachets with inner towel

Ideal format to pack liquids. Inner towels in different materials and characteristics with (various) absorption capacity (1-6 ml).

  • cellulose 40g/m2
  • non woven 38g/m2
  • non woven 55g/m2
Formatos - Twin

twin sachets

Combine two sachets connected by a vertical perforation line according to your needs:

  • two sachets with the same or different content
  • one sachet with interior towel and the other without towel
  • each sachet with a towel of the same or different material